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HELP: Backup Camera Just Stopped Working – iDatalink Maestro RR

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Looking to see if anyone has experienced this and what my next step should be.

Over two years ago I installed an aftermarket Sony XAV-AX210 unit into my 2015 Renegade. It was a by-the-book install based on iDatalink Maestro's guide, and I had no issues whatsoever. Everything worked perfect and all OEM features were retained.

That said, a few months back my backup camera stopped working when putting the Jeep in reverse (it's a manual transmission). I can still manually select the camera in the Sony interface and it works just fine then... but I can't get it to trigger when in reverse.

I did check and noticed that the purple/white wire in the radio harness isn't showing a 12V signal when car is in reverse.

Any thoughts on how to solve this? Is there a fuse that could be blown that is preventing that power signal from reaching the headunit?
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