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Help! None start to other issues.

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Hi, I'm in need of some big advice I have had a none start jeep, took it to the dealer witch have had the car for 3 weeks now with multiple parts changed. It now starts but it won't rev it just cuts out or stutters, jeep dealer haven't been able to sort the issue out and are now wanting to try a ECU? It's gonna cost well over £1000 anyone have advice for me and what to do? Car is going on it's 4th week their. Many thanks
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This sounds like a bad situation.

Contact Jeep/Stellantis in the UK and complain.

What engine is this? Is the dealer a Fiat concessionaire too? (Asking to see if they know their stuff about FPT engines.)
How old/many miles?
If you are getting no satisfaction from the Fiat/Jeep dealer, I'd suggest trying to find a good independent Fiat or Alfa specialist to take a look.
There are plenty in the UK and you'll be able to find recommendation and maybe some hints about the issue you've got on
or .
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