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HELP! Problem after service...

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Hi All,

looking for a bit of help/advice.

I recently had a service and MOT on my just three year old jeep renegade longitude, passed MOT, no issues. The next day, while driving from London to Scotland, the car Slowed down and the engine sort of gave up ( apologies for the really non technical language) I don't want to ramble but short story is broke down on M6 motorway, AA couldn't fix, were taken to a garage to fix it, continued our holiday and picked car up on the way back.

The garage that fixed the car were adamant that the oil filter used in the service in the car was the 'wrong one' and that is what caused the problem, alongside the garage who serviced it not being able to reset the cars computer because they did not have the correct computer to do so, and that they should be help accountable (we had a lot of costs as a result of all this ) The garage who fixed the car changed the oil, changed the oil filter and reset the cars computer and the car was fixed.

I believe something was done at the service and that is the cause of the problem, however, when I spoke to the garage who serviced it they said it was the correct oil filter and the computer not being reset is not a problem. They wont take any responsibility.

the oil filter used was crosland L10286US

The garage claim this was the right filter- but is there different sizes of filter? could it have been faulty? ( I have the oil filter in question so it could be looked at)

Below is also some further information from the AA report.

We have recovered your vehicle.Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Global OBD II - AT2 / Global OBD II Status :p1471 - Unknown fault. Error Message : . Fault stored. Status :p0301 - Cylinder 1. Error Message : Misfire detected. Fault pending.Vehicle recovered off motorway, Recover to garage. Engine Oil Level Ok. Coolant Level Ok. -

does anyone have any suggestions of what the cause of this could be- and what may have been down at my service and MOT that would contributed to this happening so that I can take it further with the garage?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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