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I was pumping gas last night and accidentally overflowed my gas tank, my mistake. Car drove just fine and was on absolute empty when I went to fill it up. Went to start it and the jeep kept shutting off. It even shook as though it was having trouble starting. Check engine light did not come on. Drove it around the gas station a few times and it would die everytime after about 30 seconds. My fiance drove up to meet me and he drove the jeep home for me since it was 3am and I had just gotten off from work after working 3rd shift. He was able to drive it home and it drove just fine except when it came to a stop, it would shut off again. Got it home, was going to let it sit In the drive way and just try to let it run due to the thought of possibly just putting too much gas in it but it kept shutting off. He thought it was best to let it sit for the duration of the night and see if letting some fumes evaporate on their own would help until it was daylight to look at it again. It is a 2019 Jeep Renegade Latitude with only 1,200 miles on it. It has not had any issues whatsoever except for this out of nowhere. Its still under warranty but I guess to put my mind at ease since I am a worry wort, anyone have any advice for me?? Anyone this has happened to??
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