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Here's Your Base Speakers

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Just upgraded my sound system. And, for anyone still wondering what brand the base speakers are in the US, here you go...


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Thanks for the information. I just received my set of upgrade speakers to replace the stock ones. However, I am unable to locate any information or basic instructions on how to replace the speakers. I have replacements for the 6x9s in the doors and the 3.5" front speakers.

Can you give me some pointers on any special audio tools for removing panels? Some basic guidance would be awesome! I'm afraid to just start pulling things apart for fear of breaking clips or ripping something apart that isn't meant to be.

I suspect that the 6x9s aren't too complicated, but I just don't know. Can't find any specs or diagrams or docs on any of this.

Thanks so much for starting this thread EVRAFTER!! :)


You bet. I knew a lot of peeps were wondering what was behind the doors. I actually took my Renny into an audio shop, and had them do it all for me. I knew that would mean more in cost, and charge for labor; but, alas, I am a girl and...don't install audio :|

But someone posted the specs and diagram of the speakers a few weeks ago. I'm trying to remember in what thread. I guess the only thing to do, is do a search. Rebel helped ME out tremendously with trying to figure out what to upgrade and whatnot.

And Beerwolf, they put in JL's 6.5" two way component, then Phoenix Gold 6x9" (120) watts, and at first...they put in 10" JL woofer, but the box was HUGE, and took up WAY too much of the back. So, without even listening, I went back in and said, "What else ya got...SMALLER." Ended up putting in just a 6" but it was more expensive because the 10" was an entry level and the smaller one was a step up in quality. But, they didn't charge me the extra. Then they mounted a 2 channel 360 watt amp to the back of the box so that it didn't take up any extra room. I HOPE I chose ok? It does sound better, but worried going with the smaller woofer took away a LOT of more "notes." I wasn't looking to shake my Renny. Just wanted a good, rounded off sound. Know what I mean? In the end, I chose going for the smaller to take up less space, over choosing the bigger woofer. Hope that was the right choice.
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have you the 6 speaker (basic) or 9 speaker (beats) system?
Those were the six stock. In my title, instead of "base" I should have put "stock." It was late when I wrote it, I suppose. lol
the speaker you have shown: is that from the front or rear door?
Oh SHOOT. I forgot to check all 4 of them to see if there was a difference. They all looked exactly the same. I'm heading up camping overnight currently. When I get back, I'll check. They were just sitting in my Renny when I left the audio shop.
Wow sounds like you went all out on the system. I dont think im going to to go jl quality on the renegade... I did that with my last car and spent way to much money I think im going to go with a kicker system this time. But I got a question for you did you end up keeping your stock head unit and using either a signal processor or line output converter? or did you replace your factory head unit to get this all to work?
Kept the head. Here's the list of what they put in:

JL Audio 6.5" two way component system.

Phoenix Gold 6x9 Coaxial speaker system

JL 6.5" subwoofer enclosure (originally they put in a 10" but it took up WAY too much of my trunk space. Just wasn't sure the extra bass was worth giving up so much space. Though this JL unit thumps hard, even small. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the higher bass to hit. I only can hear low bass.)

2CH line output converter

JL 2 channel 360 watt amp

8 GU complete amp kit

Oh, and to answer the previous question ...the initial picture I posted of the stock speaker...umm....all four they pulled out of my car were exactly the same as that picture. Seems...dinky. And I KNOW when I think audio I DON'T think Mopar. lol
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evrafter, can you please post a pic of the 3,5" orig. speakers - my special interesset is the part no.
thank you!
The original picture I posted??...turns out...all 4 of the speakers they pulled out were the exact same as that picture. They left nothing original in my car, and all that came out were these? Ummm....I thought there were six speakers? I've kind of been perplexed about it. They all have the same part number.
You know what, they must have forgotten to give me back the 3.5", is all I can think of.
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