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Hi all

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Hi all im new at the moment I don't have a renegade the Mrs really likes them hence I'm on here asking you all what to look for and what to avoid we are looking at spending around 7k seen a couple 15 plates but the milage are around 130k is it best to keep away from them only thats what we get for the budget many thanks
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Which engine?
So the 1.6 is a FPT DERV unit and fairly robust if it's been well maintained. (Correct oil/filter change interval etc.)

I would be wary of ones that've had a lot of small trip mileage put on it over its lifetime. There can be a tendency towards coking up and DPF clogging, if it's not been regularly on good runs at full chat/high temperatures.

Also check the gearbox for whining.

2015 would be first batch RHD models. So be aware of that.

Check Alfa & Fiat forums for more pointers on the 1.6 as it's used in many models of cars and vans.
Personal preference I think the DERVs might be the better bet for higher mileage ones.
The 2.0 DERV is basically the same as the 1.6.
The 1.4MultiAir petrol won't have the DPF but again they do need to be well maintained. Again, same comment about looking at Fiat & Alfa sites for more info.
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Buying a Cat N (Insurance write-off with only cosmetic damage?) is a personal call.

I think a 7K budget might be better spent on a different make/model. Unless you are looking at 4WD ones.
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If it was me I'd go for a Fiat 500L Trekking or Cross to get a newer car with less mileage.
They've also got Traction+ which is a 2WD ABS 'diff-locking' function.

Not as cool as the Renegade but mechanically almost the same.
The Panda Cross 4x4 is good. ;)
It is compact and bijou, mind.

What is really annoying is it has front recovery hooks whilst the Renegade & Compass Trailhawks do not ! 😡
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