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Hi from Manchester England..

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Hi guys, thought i would join up as we are getting a Renegade for our new family car.

Wife is using in the week and family hack on the weekends :)

Coming over from a 2006 Lexus RX 400h which we have loved and been very reliable over the past 3 years of ownership.

But its time for a change and over here i think its cracking value for money.

The one we are going for is the 1.4 petrol longitude spec model with the DDCT auto gearbox, in solid black.

With some spec, heated seats, heated wheel and parking sensors its coming in at around £22,000.
Ive already got it discounted to around £20,000 and in comparison to what we were going for the newer 2010 Lexus Rx 450h i just thought for the same amount of money a brand new car was something not to miss, with added peace of mind of the 3 year warrenty.

Any other members based in the United Kingdom on here ???



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Hi Mike

I am down in Bristol have an OE on order same engine as yours due in the next week or so.
Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Mike! I am new on the forum myself and looking into ordering a Renegade really soon. Let us know when you get your Renegade and keep us posted with reviews on what you think of it.

Hi Mike

I am down in Bristol have an OE on order same engine as yours due in the next week or so.
Welcome to the forum.

Hi Nathan, great stuff...gather its a manual you are getting ?

Been told the auto we want wont be here till June.

Think putting in an order soon, who did you go with in the end ?

Ive had a decent quote from Jeep Derby via Car Wow, 2k off list price :D
Welcome to the forum!
Have you seen the new Lexus NX?
Welcome Mike, that's a good look you're considering... Are you guys comfortable with the downsize in cargo capacity?
Hi guys...yes the new Lexus nx was on our list but it's a good 10k more than the renegade plus jeep are doin amazing 0 percent finance offers.... 5k down and 0 percent on the rest.

Bit of a no brainer then can dump some money off the house from the Lexus RX sale.

Cargo space is smaller but we are sure the renegade has enough. We only have 1 child. Maybe 1 more in the future but sure 2 adults and 2 small children it's totally fine luggage wise.

Oh and guys I managed to get another 1k off and free 3 year service there are deal to be had :)

From 22300 list to 19000 :)
^ Good call, but I definitely don't see much of a consumer crossover between the the NX and Renegade, 10k is a big step up, but at least for you it seems like an increase that's easy to absorb.

As far as more comparable vehicles go, the new Mazda CX-3 was impressive enough to hold off my decision to buy a Renegade, for now :D
Hi Mike,

I called five local dealers to me and the one in Bristol came back with the best deal in the end, Bristol Street Motors. I always buy my cars on PCP's and don't put any money in, I still got a discount and they are settling my finance on our Alfa we are PXing. I also don't ever keep them the full term so the interest does not concern me either it will be gone after 18 months max.
Jeep CS also confirmed yesterday that my OE was at the Port which is two junctions down the M5 from me and I will have it in the next 10 working days as of this Monday.
I ordered my 5 weeks ago so be prepared for a wait, also if you are thinking of a tow bar factory order (£420.00) as dealer fit I was quoted £1,205.00 crazy.
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