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So I am looking to replace my headlights/fog lights for my Jeep.

Renegade, Latitude
6 Speed Manual

As per the manual, these are the correct lightbulbs to use.

Has anyone changed out the headlights/fog lights yet? I would love to know where and which ones are recommended. I have heard that they must be error free so the Jeep does not believe the stock bulbs are broken when HIDs are in their place.

Lamps Bulb Number
Front Courtesy Light - C5W
Front Courtesy Lights (Sun Visors) - C5W
Rear Dome Light (Models Without Retractable roof) - C5W
Rear Interior Lights (Models With Retractable roof) - C5W
Interior Lights - W5W
Dome Light (Glove Box) - W5W

Exterior Bulbs
Low Beam/High Beam Headlamps - H13
Front Position/Daytime Running Lights (DRL ) - P21/5W
Front Direction Indicator Lamps - PY21W
Front Fog Lamps - H11
Side Indicators (Front And Side View Mirror) - WY5W
Tail/Brake Lights/Turn Indicators - P21W
Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) LED (Serviced at an Authorized Dealer)
Reverse - W16W
License Plate Lamp - W5W
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