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Hi All,

Lidge checking in here from the state of Maine. After weeks of intense research, review reading, and video watching I've got my heart set on the 2015 Jeep Renegade (Latitude Auto). I feel a little guilty having been a zoom-zoom (Mazda) guy for the last several years but I can't seem to get the Renegade out of my head! I have to say though...after reading almost every comment and thread in this forum specifically on the software, transmission, and manufacturing issues/defects I'm very hesitant to make a purchase. I have a question for the forum. I've read on several sites, including in this forum, that shipments of Renegades to dealers are being delayed due to these defects. Has there been any news of progress being made by FCA to fix/address the issues? You'd think if there had been there would have been some type of formal press release to calm the masses. The dealer I am working with has the model I want but I am very concerned that this particular vehicle could be one of the bad eggs. I am also concerned that the salesman chose not to disclose any of these problems to me...I get that he doesn't want to lose a sale but I tell you what...not being transparent with me is another good way to do that! He said their lack of inventory was due to Renegades "flying off the lot..." Although impossible, I'd love to know what % of Renegades sold thus far in the US have experienced the issues discussed in this forum. If I knew these issues were only affecting a small amount of vehicles I may be more inclined to role the dice. I am wondering though if it would be best to just wait and give FCA a chance to work through the issues...though I am concerned with how much time that will take. I want this vehicle ASAP but of course want to avoid problems. BLAH! But anyways, whenever it happens, I'll be happy to be a part of the Jeep family (I hope)!



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If one really really looks at the amount of complaints, recalls and issues that vehicles have, we would all probably be walking or riding scooters. These things happen to each and every make and model. I would not sweat it. Even the mighty Honda, and Toyota (for example) that are known (or marketed) as best in reliability, have issues galore and have over a million of their vehicles recalled for something or another.

So if you want it, go for it. If there is an issue with it, that's what the warranty is for. And if it is not fixable, then lemon law takes effect. But so far in my opinion, with the amount that have been sold being so high for the little amount of time its been out and the amount of complaints being so low, I would still get one.

oh btw, Welcome to the forums.

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