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I currently have a Jeep Patriot. I started reading up as much as I could about the Renegade yesterday and am excited about it. I will be waiting to hear more from reviews and such to see if it will be better off road than my Patriot and also if it has better fuel economy for a cheaper price.

I am looking for the whole package.

I look forward to expanding onto this forum.

My Jeep:

I won Patriot of the Month for July 2013 on and I have been in the top 5 fan picks for Jeeps Facebook page a couple of times.

2011 Jeep Patriot 70th Anniversary FDII
Bigger Tires 225/70R17
RRO Lift
RRO Supersliders
Hidden Hitch

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Welcome to the forum!

Are you looking to replace the Patriot or just adding the Renegade in your line up? ;)

Now thats what I love seeing right there! the best way to look at the sky :D

Do you have any videos?

You should keep an eye out on the Renegade Trailhawk.

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Welcome aboard @The_Jeep_Life!

In terms of comparing your Patriot to the renegade we already have some useful information floating around. Check out our Renegade vs Patriot Interior dimensions compared and exterior dimensions compared

As for off road capabilities its difficult to say as of right now but the AWD system is certainly robust oh and then there's these...

Renegade Trailhawk

Approach angle 30.5°
Breakover angle 25.7°
Departure angle 34.3°
Running clearance 8.7
Water crossing (5 mph) 19”

Renegade AWD

Approach angle 21.0°
Breakover angle 24.0°
Departure angle 32.1°
Running clearance 7.9
Water crossing (5 mph) 0

Renegade FWD

Approach angle 17.9°
Breakover angle 21.2°
Departure angle 29.7°
Running clearance 6.7
Water crossing (5 mph) 0

Enjoy, glad to have you aboard!
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