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Over here in the UK, there is a website which one can tap in a make and model of car and it will give an idea of how many are left. So I thought that I would tap in Jeep Renegade to see if they were listed. They were.

These figures are for the Q1 2015. It does not say which are manual and which are auto. Multi-Jet diesel variant is listed, but the petrol engine variants are listed together. How many are 1.6 eTorq and how many are 1.4 MultiAir, it doesn't say. Here are the numbers:

Opening Edition 18
Opening Edition M-Jet 59
Opening Edition M-Jet 4x4 21

Sport M-Jet 207

Longitude 302
Longitude M-Jet 189
Longitude M-Jet 4x4 04

Limited 99
Limited M-Jet 248
Limited M-Jet 4x4 20

Interesting figures for the UK models.
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