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How to do a Proxy Backup before you make any changes to the BCM for OEM addons

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NOTE Do this at your own risk. I am only making a guide on how to do it. If you attempt and mess up I am not responsible for it.

I am going to do my best to make a guide on everything I add to my 2022 Latitude. I plan on adding OEM LED headlights, OEM LED fog lights, adaptive cruise control, power auto dimming mirror, and mirrors with the turn signal built in.

I came from a 2019 RAM 2500 and how I programmed it is different then how you program the 2022 Renegade. I am not sure what all years will program the same but this is how I am doing my 2022. I found out the hard way by programming the BCM and my instrument cluster started to say transmission issues, power steering issues, hill assist issues, etc and I could not drive it past first gear. This required a trip to my local dealer where they had to restore my Body Control Module and cost me 145 bucks for the repair.

I have since did some research and talked to what I call the Ram guru on the Ram forum who helped me add options to my ram.

First things is first before you make any changes it to Backup your Proxy and export your factory BCM settings.

I am going to try to help you get this done.
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Ya, I am hoping my blue and grey adapter come in soon so I can program in some of the changes I have made. Thanks for sharing.
You shouldn't need the blue adapter since you are using an OBDLink MX+.
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