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how to install the OEM Auto Dimming mirror on a 2022 Jeep renegade

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Note - This project is not finished but making good progress

First you will need to remove the plastic cover that house the mirror. Mine has sensors behind it. It just requires you to remove three snap in plastic pieces that house the mirror.

First reach your finger in on the right side and remove the top plastic piece in the center. It is held on by 3 clips and just pops out.

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Once you have removed it grab the top of the second piece of plast and pull it down. It should easily pop out also
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Now grab the bottom of the plastic box and pull down. It is held in by three snap joints. It removes again pretty easily
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Here is the picture of the cover removed and you can see the three clips that hold it on.
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i was under the impression that all the correct harnesses were already in there... tho i read it on a forum like this and so it probably is inaccurate. ihope the harness you found works for you, my concern is that that harness plugs into the main body harness (or maybe somewhere else... this point still stands). i am hoping that the harness connector you are plugging into has has the correct number of pins already, or that your current harness is complete minus the wires needed for power. ether way, please keep us updated.
If you can get the vin number for a vehicle that already has a auto dimming mirror there is a chance (small) that you could call a dealer with it... Provide them the vin, tell them the part you need, and they could give you a direct part number for the harness. The dealer would have to be willing to go above and beyond, and that is getting rarer and rarer. If you don't have the vin from the doner vehicle I can give you mine when I get back from vacation.

The online part sites don't dig deep enough to tell you more then generic descriptions. I hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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