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How to turn off "Ship Mode"?

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We just got from the friendly local dealer the newest Renegade Trailhawk to use over the weekend. Unfortunately he forgot to turn off "ship mode" and I have Renegade without radio, dome lights and many other items available... :crying:
On Sunday dealers are close and this will spoil the whole fun...
Is there any way to get rid off this "ship mode" without any diagnostic tools?
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Anyone know how to do a factory reset on 6.5an system? My Renegade is having issues, I have called Uconnect and used Assist feature 4 times with no help. I asked if they could walk me thru a Reset and the rep would not do it.... I have no Yelp or Uconnect Store access via my system. I also own a 14Jeep Cherokee with 8.4a system and have done a reset on that before. Instruction on how to do that can be found everywhere[/]

For a soft reset you need to hold both radio knobs down at the same time until the screen resets 10-15 seconds and the radio will reboot itself. For hard reset it will need to go to dealer, which I will be doing in a few days. My issue was that everything froze i.e. nav. gps, and assist would not work. then screen came up stating software update needed / system failure. Luckily the soft reboot worked, being is was 1300 miles from home. and that was about a week ago with no further issues.
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