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I’m ready to burn it to the ground ebp nss bypass?

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My wife’s 2015 renegade sport 2.4 got hot climbing a modest grade in the wonderful 110 degree Arizona heat today. She pulled over immediately and shut it off. I picked her up took her home and came back to figure out what was going on with it. It was extremely low on coolant and the cap was kind of loose. I assume this is because I didn’t get it screwed on all the way last time I talk to Ray. Left it sitting with the hazard lights on and it ran the battery low. And it has a coolant sensor code and some fuel code and even with the battery good and charged it won’t start. Now that the battery‘s low I attempted to get it in neutral so that I could pull it under the trailer with a winch. But when you put it in neutral the electronic parking brake comes on. I did a little trick where your hole down the parking brake button hit the bridge and then turn the key off and it tries to start. No matter what I do I cannot get it to release the parking brake I even tried pulling a fuse. I don’t know what they were thinking way to design this but I’m at my wits end I can’t very well put on the trailer while it’s in park four-wheel-drive and it’s locked up at all four corners. Pull the fuse still stuck on. Anybody got any suggestions?
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Some pages from the manual that might be useful (or not):


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