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i Drove the RENEGADE Diesel... LOVE IT!!!

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My girlfriend has been on the market for a new high efficiency car, and we were evaluating the Nissan Juke amoung other not suv cars, but i have just been in a vacation with her to Italy where my Uncle just purchased a Renegade 2.0l Diesel with 170hp MultiJet.

We used that car a lot to travel around Italy, i drove it myself quite a bit and even my Girlfriend tried it too: WE LOVED IT

It's funny the fact that she didn't even realize it was a Diesel until we actually told her.

She always thought Diesels were noisy and slow, but this is not one of those old school Diesels... This is a MULTIJET Diesel Engine, it revs up just like a Gasoline Motor, in fact she was Driving it and din't realize it was a Diesel.

Then at one point she started getting impressed with the Power, and right then i told her:
"By the way: THIS IS A DIESEL"

She was totally impressed, and i have to say it myself: WOW, this Motor puts down some serious Performance, from 2000rpm all the way up to 4000rpm, it pushes and pushes without a miss, and it catches speed FAST, and now: she is in love, SHE WANT'S IT!

My uncle made a couple of "Italian overtakes" and we were all glued to the seats!

We took several trips in it, and despite the crazy high fuel prices in Italy (converts to $10 a Gallon), we spent very little thanks to the Diesel MultiJet Motor... It really changed my Girlfriend's mind about Diesel Engines and she has put aside the idea of getting the Juke for now.

We did some calculations, and it turned out we were doing 43-45mpg... Now THAT'S HIGH EFFICIENCY and it is what we need for our upcoming family:

A car we can take a trip in without worrying about Gas!

Question is: is there a way we can get it here?

I went the other day to a Jeep dealership to inquire about an automatic one, and other than the fact they still didn't have it here in US they told me that probably the only one we will get in US is a 1.4 liter manual and a 2.4 liter automatic both Gasolines that do about 30mpg Highway... That's not enough for us.

The guybsaid that it's due to the lack of Sales thatbthey don't bring the Diesel, BUT how can it be lack of Sales of here in the US there are not Diesels?
With the exception of PickUps and some humongous SUV that have Big Diesel Motors, on the US Market you can barely find a Diesel Car below 2.0liters that do 40 or even 50+ mpg, and that's instead what we need!

(And would be ridiculous, why only Italy get's the High Efficiency Motor and not America that actually created the Renegade?)

My Girlfriend needs a fuel efficient car that does at least 30mpg combined, she always had SUVs and she wants an SUV still, but here in US all SUVs are gas guzzler and we had to starting looking into other normal cars that offer better mileage, but this Renegade Diesel totally made our hopes up.

America needs a Small SUV thatbdoes more than 40mpg on the Highway, so a new family can easily take a Trip without having to take in account how much Gas the Car will use.


I sure hope the Dealer Dude was wrong and a Diesel Renegade comes here to the US... If they started selling the Renegade 2.0 Diesel MultiJet here in US now, We would order it before the end of the year for sure.

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Diesel pumps are appearing more and more, at least in the eastern U.S., and at stations not on trucker roads. A friend bought a diesel Audi A7 and had a long wait for it to be shipped from Germany. It is quiet and wicked fast accelerating. But a diesel Renegade? Likely it is several years out depending in part on early word-of-mouth assessment of the basic vehicle. If FCA can make enough diesel engines to satisfy the world market and the North America market tells them come on, they will come.
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