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i Drove the RENEGADE Diesel... LOVE IT!!!

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My girlfriend has been on the market for a new high efficiency car, and we were evaluating the Nissan Juke amoung other not suv cars, but i have just been in a vacation with her to Italy where my Uncle just purchased a Renegade 2.0l Diesel with 170hp MultiJet.

We used that car a lot to travel around Italy, i drove it myself quite a bit and even my Girlfriend tried it too: WE LOVED IT

It's funny the fact that she didn't even realize it was a Diesel until we actually told her.

She always thought Diesels were noisy and slow, but this is not one of those old school Diesels... This is a MULTIJET Diesel Engine, it revs up just like a Gasoline Motor, in fact she was Driving it and din't realize it was a Diesel.

Then at one point she started getting impressed with the Power, and right then i told her:
"By the way: THIS IS A DIESEL"

She was totally impressed, and i have to say it myself: WOW, this Motor puts down some serious Performance, from 2000rpm all the way up to 4000rpm, it pushes and pushes without a miss, and it catches speed FAST, and now: she is in love, SHE WANT'S IT!

My uncle made a couple of "Italian overtakes" and we were all glued to the seats!

We took several trips in it, and despite the crazy high fuel prices in Italy (converts to $10 a Gallon), we spent very little thanks to the Diesel MultiJet Motor... It really changed my Girlfriend's mind about Diesel Engines and she has put aside the idea of getting the Juke for now.

We did some calculations, and it turned out we were doing 43-45mpg... Now THAT'S HIGH EFFICIENCY and it is what we need for our upcoming family:

A car we can take a trip in without worrying about Gas!

Question is: is there a way we can get it here?

I went the other day to a Jeep dealership to inquire about an automatic one, and other than the fact they still didn't have it here in US they told me that probably the only one we will get in US is a 1.4 liter manual and a 2.4 liter automatic both Gasolines that do about 30mpg Highway... That's not enough for us.

The guybsaid that it's due to the lack of Sales thatbthey don't bring the Diesel, BUT how can it be lack of Sales of here in the US there are not Diesels?
With the exception of PickUps and some humongous SUV that have Big Diesel Motors, on the US Market you can barely find a Diesel Car below 2.0liters that do 40 or even 50+ mpg, and that's instead what we need!

(And would be ridiculous, why only Italy get's the High Efficiency Motor and not America that actually created the Renegade?)

My Girlfriend needs a fuel efficient car that does at least 30mpg combined, she always had SUVs and she wants an SUV still, but here in US all SUVs are gas guzzler and we had to starting looking into other normal cars that offer better mileage, but this Renegade Diesel totally made our hopes up.

America needs a Small SUV thatbdoes more than 40mpg on the Highway, so a new family can easily take a Trip without having to take in account how much Gas the Car will use.


I sure hope the Dealer Dude was wrong and a Diesel Renegade comes here to the US... If they started selling the Renegade 2.0 Diesel MultiJet here in US now, We would order it before the end of the year for sure.

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I would be totally up for a $4k price increase for a good Diesel.

A Diesel Motor last much longer, is more reliable and maintenance intervals are longer...

I rather spend a bit more and get a better Motor and in the long run it pays back, especially since we buy a car and plan to keep it more than 5+ years and Drive more than 20k miles per year... It would be totally worth it!
This Bugs me a lot... I have Family Relatives in Brazil, and they are getting 2 or the Diesel Renegade.

WHY? WHY? WHY? In the US they are not bringing not even one.

The new Renegade barely get's 30mpg, that put's it in line with just about all the other Small SUVs of the Competition.

FIAT, thank's to it's MultiJet Patent, makes the Best Diesels in the World as far as Performance and Efficiency.

For the Renegade they have a:

- Diesel MultiJet 2.0L with 170hp that is rated at 45mpg

- Diesel MultiJet 1.6L with 120hp that is rated at 54mpg

But FIAT also makes a

- Diesel MultiJet 1.3L with 95hp that is rated at 63mpg


why in the World they don't beat down the Competition, here in US, with one of these real efficient Motors?

Imagine This:


Nissan Juke 1.6L 184hp = 35mpg

Mazda CX-5 2.0L 160hp = 33mpg

Honda HR-V 1.5L 130hp = 36mpg


Jeep Renegade 2.0L 170hp = 45mpg

Jeep Renegade 1.6L 120hp = 54mpg


That would totally Crush the Competition... Why don't they bring one here and start an add campaign like:

" Renegade Diesel: 45 or 54mpg ... You make the choice! "

If they did that, i am sure they would sell it like crazy, but by showing up against "Juke" , "CX-5" , "HR-V" with a barely 30mpg Renegade...

In this Market Segment the Fuel Efficiency is the main key, FIAT/JEEP is really mossing out here

I believe they are making a truly bad choice by not bringing the Diesel here in USA

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Perhaps Jeep wants to use engines built in US ?
Or perhaps Diesel engines are more expensives ?
Or perhaps it's a question of legislation (CO2) ?
Hmmm maybe you're not aware of this, but the Diesels made with FIAT MultiJet Technology manage to have lower emissions than Gasoline Motors.

Actually, in extreme cases like in cities like Roma or Milano, the fumes coming out of a MultiJet Diesel Exhaust are cleaber than the city air.

I know, sounds ridiculous, and aweful, but it really happened.

When FIAT Patented the Diesel MultiJet Technology, theybreally surprised the world with it.

There are bunch of car Manufacturers that purchase from FIAT the Diesel Engines to put in their cars... In the list you can find Opel (known in US as Saturn) as well as Suzuki, Saab sells some Models with it and also Chevy and Cadillac.

It is a goid Tech and it has been evolved a lot... In 2012 they patented the Evolution of the MultiJet and they increased the power output considerably while maintaining Fuel Efficiency and theybstill meet thebultra tough European Emission Requirements known as EURO6.

I think the issue here is just a marketing strategy... A stupid one in a way, but maybe once the market is saturated by 30mpg cars, they will start selling 40 mpg cars

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This is the Table of Emissions Limit in Europe:

Look at the latest 2 Standard Enforced in the last Year


They are much stricted tan the US Emissions Limits and the Gasoline are allowed to produce more NOx Enissions than they what allow on Diesels...

No worries, the FIAT Diesels will pass the inspection ;-)
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I did search online for Sales Report and as of July of 2014 the sales of the Grand Cherokee Diesel were below 10% and that is why Jeep decided not to start selling the normal Cherokee in Diesel as well.

They want at least 20% of the Grand Cherokee to be sold with Diesel before they consider other Diesel models.


the Grand Cherokee is quite a big Car, and despite the High Efficiency of the Diesel, it can barely make it above 30mpg.


Small High Efficiency Engines with High Performances.

A 30mpg Grand Cherokee is nice, but is still just a 30mpg Car which for many is not a good mileage at all.

FIAT needs to bring here it's 2.0L and the 1.6L Diesels and show off with Cars that do more than 40 and 50mpg.


And once people go to try a Jeep that does 45mpg, people will realize how good FIAT Diesels really are and they will start buying them.

But until you spark people attention with a High MPG Rating, nobody will really look into a 30mpg Diesel when a Gasoline model can do 22mpg

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Keep in mind that as much as you want the diesel, the US car market is about price first and foremost, and any diesel arguments made right now are happening in the face of falling oil and gasoline prices. On a longer timeline where those will rise again, diesel is facing increasing particulate restrictions. If you want low horsepower and high torque, electric kicks butt, especially that torque being max at 0RPM.

You really believe that Diesels are low Performance Engines?

Because the reality is totally opposite, i promise you, with the Multi Injection Technology Diesels became extremely performant and while eliminating the famous "dark clouds" ;-)

In Europe Diesels have been winning in several types of Racing for many many years now, at the point that Diesels have more restrictions than Gasolines.

The Performance advantage is easily noticeable ... let's see an example with:


JEEP Renegade 2.0L Diesel with 170hp (FIAT Multijet Diesel engine technology)

MAX POWER: 170hp @ 3750rpm

MAX TORQUE: 350Nm @ 1500-2000rpm (258 lb-ft)

MAX RPM: 4500rpm

TORQUE @ 3750rpm: 333Nm (245 lb-ft)

TORQUE @ 4500rpm: 315Nm (232 lb-ft)

POWER @ 4500rpm: 153bhp


These are literally Kick Axx Performance... how many Diesels are there on the market that Rev above 4000rpm?

Furthermore... how many Diesels are there on the market that at 4500rpm still deliver 90% of the Max Torque?


Between 1500rpm and 4500rpm there is a Torque Difference of about 10%... a 10% loss in Torque in a range of 3000rpm.

That's a lot of RPMs you have to enjoy the full push of the Motor.

Take the competition of VW Injector Pump Diesels and by 3500rpm they are down to 70% of the max torque.

This could be another nice Selling point:

Jeep Renegade Diesel MultiJet ... : ... never stops pushing!

If you combine these performances with the fact it does 45mpg... well, i am definitely willing to spare out a few more thousands to get it!

And i even believe that even the other Diesel, the 1.6L with 120Hp and 315Nm could have a good impact, although here in US i believe the more powerful Diesel is the best choice

But i could never say Diesels are for those who don't care for Performance

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Well... Maybe we won't need to Special Order the Renegade Diesel... I just saw this article OnLine published an Hour ago, and if it's real, I already know what will be our next car:


I find it weird all of a sudden they want to import also the 1.6 ... Definitely we would go for the Diesel with no doubt anyway

Let's hope is not a hoax
Woops, sorry, I just didn't know how to contain the excitement.

Thanks for the Tip
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