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I just stumbled upon a RENEGADE in Michigan (pics)!

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Parked in my friend's parking lot of an apartment complex of all things...

At first I LOVED the renegade, but after seeing it in person, they REALLY need to trim up the side and front of the vehicle! There's tons of unnecessary material in my opinion. The doors are HUGE and look like they are made of flimsy plastic. Is this a body kit??? Also, the roof did NOT have the removable top option. It was stick shift. Rear disc brakes. Vehicle sits lower than I thought it would. I guess I'll have to wait and see the final touched up versions that hit the dealerships.

Anyway, enjoy what I found!

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that we got a hat tip from autoevolution for this. @minibouncer even got quoted directly. Great job guys.
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I've been wondering how the interior material options will work. The interior has been shown with various different colors as accents. I am curious if you will be able to choose between some colors or if it will automatically copy the body color of the Renegade.
They must try to test the same model for some amount of time in order to make sure that it doesn't run into problems once its been driving around for a while. I wonder who has the job of getting to drive around yet unreleased vehicles all the time. Sounds like a pretty sick gig to me.
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