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Installing the Wiring Harness for the Trailer Lights

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I have installed the hitch on my Renegade and just received the wiring harness from etrailer. I plan to install the wiring tonight. It says it is an easy DIY install but after going through the instructions, it seems like quite a task.

Has anyone tackled this task? I am horrible when it comes to this kind of thing so any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

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The video makes it seem easy:

The part that seems like it will give me the most issues is running the wire to the battery.
Actually running it to the battery should not be as hard as you would think. You can either run it from under the car or from inside. If you run it under the car then be careful not to have the wire anywhere close to the exhaust pipe or near a drive shaft, or anything that moves. Use the wire tires to secure the wire every 10 to 12 inches or so. And make certain the wire ties are drawn as tight as you can get them so the wire will not come out any. I ran wires for the fog lights on my FJ Cruiser from under the dash to the engine compartment with no problem at all. All cars have wires that go from under the dash to the engine compartment. Look around from under the hood and you will find some wires that will run through some small tube into the dash area. Trust me you will be able to get one more wire through such a tube. And once you have it into the engine compartment again secure the wire away from the heat of the engine or from anything that moves, like a radiator fan. Along the sides is ideal. And again secure the wire tight as can be with the wire ties. Cut off all excess from the wire ties once each one is clamped secure.

You should find it easiest inside the car to run the wire under the door sills. The bottoms of all door sills come off rather easy. And who wants to crawl under a car to fish the wire rear to front when it's so much cleaner inside the car!

And by the way you should be able to fish the wire from under the car to inside the trunk from a similar rear wire tube. That's what a hitch guy did when they had the rear end of my Fiat 500L torn apart to install the hitch and wire harness. It may be a tad more difficult now that your hitch is already installed and your car has already been put back together.

Now please post pictures of your hitch. Love to see what it looks like.
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I got the wire run, it was a pain but manageable. I think it should be in OK shape. I ran it underneath and drilled in to the well in the back. It seems pretty darn secure. I need to check it after being on the road ~165 miles with the trailer today.

Cross posting from another thread:

I am an avid kayak fisherman so the kayak and my cooler is what I will mostly be towing. For tournaments with live weigh ins, the cooler will be filled with water so it will add some weight but all should be well. I fished an Upper Texas Coast marsh today pulling the trailer for the first time with the Renegade. It did great. I came home with dinner as well.

I actually use a 5 1/4 drop, turned upside down. I had this one handy so I put it in for the picture.

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Apparently this to too much for my dealer to handle. They are having difficulty and my Renegade is in the shop overnight. Not sure they are using the module shown in the video?
the harness from renegade ready is a snap - all the wiring is done in the rear of the jeep - no need to run the power wire up to the battery - its done in the fuse box at the rear driver side

this is the reason i purchased this harness - took me 20 or so minutes to hook it up and have it up and running !! a 2 beer job easy peasy
Enjoying my jeep

Just added CURT hitch, Not as easy as advertised. New to this forum. Just chiming in.
I grabbed the Curt one as well, just gotta grab a mini-fuse lead so I can pop it into the rear fuse panel and drop a mini 20A fuse into one of the blanks.

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Hey I'm having trouble with my wiring. Need to know where to connect left and right turn signal wiring everything else seems to be working.

I just purchased the T-One 4-Way T-Connector Trailer Hitch Wiring. Could I not run the hot wire to the USB port in the back, vice running the line under the car to the battery?
I just purchased the T-One 4-Way T-Connector Trailer Hitch Wiring. Could I not run the hot wire to the USB port in the back, vice running the line under the car to the battery?
I don't know most of what you're talking about, but I do know that a USB port only has 5VDC at 1 amp (if you're lucky). More likely 500mA.
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