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Does it deserve the title? I know this is a can of worms but I feel like its worth sharing the good and the bads. ''
do you mean technically or in actuality? Because technically its not a Jeep at all, mechanically the Renegade is more FIAT 500 than Jeep Cherokee... Although I suppose technically and actually the Jeep is a FIAT...

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this is the only real jeep,
and looks like renegade comes closest to those specifications than any other "jeep" out there

Jeep MB Specifications

Engine: 60 hp @ 4000 rpm (54 net hp)
Torque 105 lb-ft (95 net) @ 2,000 rpm
3.125 x 4.375 bore x stroke
6.48:1 compression ratio
Champion QM2 or AutoLite AN7 plugs, .030 in
Carter WO-539S downdraft carburetor
Borg & Beck 11123 clutch
Warner Gear T-84-J gearbox, 3 forward speeds
First gear: 2.665, second 1.564, top 1.0
Reverse 3.554, OTGR 4.880 (high) 9.614 (low)
Spicer ovoid axle; 4.88 hypoid-bevel final drive
Ladder type chassis frame
Bendix hydraulic brakes (all four wheels)
Mechanical parking brake on transfer case
30-35 psi in 6.00/16 tires
80 inch wheelbase; 131-132 inch length
62 inch width, 8.25 inch ground clearance
MB curb weight, complete, ~ 2,453 lb
Max trailer load, 1,000 lb; payload, 800 lb
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