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So the new BU Renegade from Jeep offers shoppers a choice of two AWD systems. One system is standard on Trailhawk and restricted to the top trim.

Jeep Active Drive:

To those of familiar with the KL Cherokee Jeep Active Drive should be familiar to you. The key difference between the KL Cherokee and the BU Renegade is that the KL's system uses dog clutches while the BU Renegade uses a wet clutch system.

Jeep Active Drive offers yaw correction, balanced torque distribution and brake based traction control to reduce both understeer and oversteer. The system is capable of shifting 100% of power to any single drive wheel depending on circumstance.


The BU Trailhawk adds two speed power take off. In low range the front and rear drive shafts are locked while adding a 4.334:1 gear reduction to enable the BU Renegade to crawl at a 20:1 ratio. Also in low range the BU Trailhawk makes use of Hill Descent and Ascent Controls. The driver is able to manually select between 1 and 5 mph hill speed through the throttle and brake pedal.
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