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Jeep Dealer Service Appointment Time

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Here is just one of many examples I've read:

Since I was not booked today or yesterday I let him drive her to work. Today, when he was on his way home for lunch, he felt the slip and then he smelt transmission fluid which it had not done for me. He called the dealer and they are fully booked for weeks for service appointments so we are taking her to Carmax in a few days since they are a Jeep dealer and they are going to try to squeeze us in.
What is everyones experience so far on quick same or next day appointments at your Jeep dealer?

I keep reading a number of people being asked to wait for weeks for and appointment at their Jeep dealer. Is this a joke? Do dealers not realized you need your car fixed now?

Yes, I know, I have read many say you can go to a different dealer but this may not be conveinent, will not keep your dealer engaged to know your service history and help out along the way over time. When I select a dealer it will be because the are good overall.
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I got in the day of on a Monday. Had to wait around until a loaner came in.
I've been given a service time frame of 3 weeks+. Whatever you do, don't contact FCA. All they've done is repeat scripted responses and have failed to follow through on ANY commitments as far as follow up. I just bite my tongue and try to minimize contact with the dealer.
I would be onto a lawyer by now Things must be very different in North America.
I am very lucky and happy to report that my local dealership is the primary reason I opted to take a chance on a new model like the Renegade. These folks are fantastic. If I need standard service (oil change, inspection, etc.) then the appointment is usually a week in advance, but if I drop in with an issue or question they tackle the problem immediately! I have complete and utter faith in my assigned "team manager" at the dealership. He is a fantastic fellow and I am so lucky to have him.
I swear a good, honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold.
I have only had to have my car serviced at my local dealer once (my traded 2009 Dodge Challenger). I dropped it off at night when they were closed and it was fixed the very next day.

Other than that, whenever I schedule a state inspection, they always oblige on the day I select.

Overall, my local dealer has been very good with my two Dodge's. Time will tell if they are the same way with the Jeep when I bring it in for the first time.

If they made me wait for weeks, or even more than one day, I wouldn't buy any more cars from them.
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