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Jeep gets low marks from JD Power Initial Quality Study

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JD Power does a study on Initial Quality each year, and this year Jeep was second from the bottom of the list. The study measures the average problem per 100 vehicles.

Overall, the average amount of issues experienced in the first 90 days of ownership has increased by three percent this year over 2013. It does seem like many of these problems have to do with things like Bluetooth and audio systems though.

There has been criticism of the study's methodology though.

But the survey only measures consumers' impressions of new vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership. It doesn't reflect longer-term quality and reliability — J.D. Power conducts separate studies that analyze those. It was based on responses from 86,000 new car buyers who responded to an online survey in May.
And here is the full ranking.
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“The report says that voice recognition, Bluetooth pairing and audio systems are all major causes of complaints.”

I would think most “Tech-savvy” buyers know there are (or can be) compatibility issues with Bluetooth connectivity (pairing) between devices. FCC regulations (sorry, not sure if it’s under “Part 15” or another) state that electronic devices cannot emit interfering signals but must be able to accept interfering signals. (or something like that) That’s why there can be and are issues with Bluetooth connectivity. Your cell phone connecting to your audio system uses Bluetooth. There’s 2 birds with one stone! Or are they talking about a different issue with the audio system?

Voice recognition! There’s another one and it’s usually related to the audio system. Back ground sound, such as air conditioner fan set on hi, windows and / or sun roof open, road noise, people in the vehicle talking to you or to some one else while you are trying to use the Voice recognition feature. They all can contribute to your voice not being recognized, words interpreted wrong by the system.

JD Power‘s Initial Quality Study certainly has it’s flaws, as mentioned in preceding posts. They just don’t include enough information. Back in December of 2011, had an article “J.D. Power Initial Quality Study Results Being Called Into Question” It’s interesting what Car and Driver had to say about the IQS.
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