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Jeep gets low marks from JD Power Initial Quality Study

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JD Power does a study on Initial Quality each year, and this year Jeep was second from the bottom of the list. The study measures the average problem per 100 vehicles.

Overall, the average amount of issues experienced in the first 90 days of ownership has increased by three percent this year over 2013. It does seem like many of these problems have to do with things like Bluetooth and audio systems though.

There has been criticism of the study's methodology though.

But the survey only measures consumers' impressions of new vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership. It doesn't reflect longer-term quality and reliability — J.D. Power conducts separate studies that analyze those. It was based on responses from 86,000 new car buyers who responded to an online survey in May.
And here is the full ranking.
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wow that's pretty bad, chrysler is right at the bottom along with brands i never expected to be their at all.
hopefully they built the renegade better and is something that can help push them up on a rating system like this
Another problem with this type of survey is that the severity of the issues aren't disclosed plus it is the end user perceived issues vs actual service records.

I would rather see this type of survey broken out by categories i.e. Engine, Brakes, Radio...etc. I think that would give this type of survey more value.

good point, i know for a fact in most recent history that nissan has had some horrible recalls and issues, some issues so bad that cars had to be bought back or spent days, weeks and likely more in the shop
Buyers' expectations versus reality.
that is something good to point out since a lot of times people do have unreal expectations, due to a lack of understanding of where the product really fits into all of this.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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