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Jeep meets the Wilderness

I am stalking my little Jeep...
OE Continentals are rather good on road. Off-road they are scary.
This little Jeep is a very over-steer happy when 4WD lock is engaged and T/C off.
I took it for a ride where I usually practice my rally driving, a narrow forest road with a lot of S-bends, crests and a lot of chuckholes.
It was a blast, but scary because it is impossible to control weight transfer with Continental tires.
The tires slip-n-slide with smallest correction of steering wheel. Scandinavian flick is nearly impossible to accomplish due to heavy under-steer when pushed caused by weak sidewall tires with pavement performance oriented thread.

At the end of this "private" road (about 20 miles into it) we found this make-shift campsite.

Despite looking a bit apprehensive, my little Sport performed admirably.
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