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First Time posting on these forums and thus far I see much of the similar issues with other Renegades as mine. I purchased mine in April, not to long after the purchase on a road trip too Nashville from Buffalo the AC did not work, as a new tube was to be put on or installed and never was before the vehicle was put together..small issue easily fixable. A couple weeks after the key would get stuck in the ignition and almost break a whole new system had to be installed and after these come too find out the option on the radio (not a touch) to change the time is no longer an option so my time is 3-4 hours back not a major issue just tedious.

Following the key I went to use the heat for the 5-6th time and smelled like an electrical fire, not thinking of it other then new vehicle I woke up the next day and used the heat to smell a burning smell still residing in the vents, not comforting at this point.

Last Wednesday in my vehicle I went to start it and the battery had died already in the vehicle and had to be towed too the dealership and also the key being stuck continues too be a problem as well still. I have had nothing but problems and this jeep is not reliable at all especially living in snowy Buffalo, NY with ice cold temperatures coming from a Colbalt I was all too excited to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the snow especially moving from the suburbs too the country, but after this its frustrating.

My Vehicle has 8.650 miles give or take and has other minor problems as well, but these being the major ones I have come across.

I am in the middle of a potential buy back with Chrysler and hopefully looking for some tips or Opinions as I have never done this.

Thank You
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