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Assembled at the FCA’s Melfi, Italy plant alongside the Fiat 500X, Jeep's smallest model yet is also the first product the American brand makes exclusively outside of North America. Despite its place of birth and the Fiat-GM SCCS platform which is around 9 years old, the Jeep Renegade is pretty versatile.

If you don’t need the full-on, “Trail Rated” Trailhawk model, but a simple city dweller, you can also go for a turbo diesel-fed variant coupled to a very smooth ZF 948TE nine-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking of city driving, the Euro NCAP safety whiz kids tested the Renegade’s automatic braking and forward collision warning functions and it didn’t disappoint. After that, the Euro NCAP boffins put the 2015 Jeep Renegade through a series of crash tests, testing its rigidity and the protection it offers.

Weighing 1,390 kilograms (3,064 lbs), the 1.6-liter turbo diesel Limited with FWD model the institute tested isn’t as light as you might’ve expected a subcompact SUV to be. Nevertheless, the Jeep Renegade's passenger compartment didn’t flinch in the 64 km/h (40 mph) frontal impact crash.

However, protection against whiplash in the event of a rear-end collision is marginal for front and rear occupants. As for pedestrian protection, the front edge of the hood doesn't offer good pelvis protection.
Viewers be advised: Graphic Renegade carnage depicted in the following video. Its sacrifice was for a noble cause.

Safe motoring! I hope you never have to discover this feature, but I'm glad it's there.

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This is great news for the US! My understanding is that the IIHS tests are not as strict as NCAP in Europe, so it should fare great here as well.

They are on par excluding any pedestrian tests.

The iihs small overlap is brutal, ncap doesn't have an equivalent. The ncap pole test is worse than the iihs side impact test. Etc.

All added up if say iihs is a bit tougher with regards to damage applied to the vehicle, but ncap is more comprehensive in evaluating the results across more body sizes.
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