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Each new Jeep raises the bar for off-road driving and driving pleasure.
So it is always from 1941.

New Jeep Renegade is a brand new species of Jeep: designed for the city but raised in the bosom of nature, combined unrivaled handling and cutting-edge technology with unruly, raw character.
It's a real Jeep, Trendy and modern in every way. Young, versatile, daring and different than all the small SUVs
you know. Make you look differently at the world. Prepare to redefine joy.

Thrilling combination of savagery and civilizing; new Jeep
Renegade is a fascinating character and proudly shows it.
A strong silhouette and proportions give the impression of aggressive and uncompromising freshness.
The city has something of a wild nature - it is precisely this Jeep.
Renegade: fortitude and character; in the field and in the city.

Renegade is full of unique details and characteristics typical of the legendary Jeep.
His appearance draws from silhouette Wrangler, developing its raw form and decisive proportions.
The traditional seven - slot grill is surrounded by a colored “shield”, and large round lamps hidden under the hood, giving it a stylish appearance. Trapezoidal wheel arches are a continuation of the heritage of the Jeep.

Jeep has left its mark on the new Renegade. Examples are the front and rear lights. Following the spirit of tradition
launched in 1941, the Renegade offers two systems sunroof My Sky which provide great panoramic views.
Badge "X”, which occurs only in the Renegade, draws inspiration from the look of traditional canisters for fuel. It can be seen the rear lights, roof My Sky, as well as a distinctive emblem Renegade side of the vehicle.

Unique in this segment of the sunroof system My Sky provides magnificent panoramic views at every travel. Its elements can be removed by hand; also for the electrical opening and evasion. The extruded "X" gives it a unique character. Dismantled roof panels made of fiberglass and polyurethane in the form of honeycomb can be conveniently stored in the trunk.

Reliable. It refine ordinary. A true style icon.
Discover the new face of city driving the new Jeep Renegade.
Its brand new interior gives you energy.
Details will impress you.
Inspire you to combine technology and energy.

Design should have a lasting effect on the emotions.
That is how the interior of the Jeep Renegade.
Robust and energetic appearance derives from the legendary heritage of the brand, raising it to a new level.

The leading motive is a combination of soft, gentle forms of strict, functional details.
Electric parking brake includes a central panel. In the form of mild and pleasant to the touch central panel connects to the courageous elements, such as the handle for the passenger.
Inspired by the legendary Jeep Wrangler. Together they form a unique combination.

Comfort and entertainment while driving provides the highest quality, 9- speaker sound system with a capacity of 506 Beats Watts, as well as a number of additional features such as system control integrated into the steering wheel and touch screens Uconnect size 5 or 6.5 inches that manage Bluetooth connections, radio, USB and audio input jack. In addition, 6.5 inch screen Uconnect is also equipped with high-quality navigation with excellent 3D Ka graphite and GPS supported sensors, which helps to maintain the position even in the conditions when the GPS signal is disturbed.

The driver selects the information to be displayed in the center of the dashboard, such as navigation,
speed, current fuel consumption, safety warnings and parallel parking assistant sloping sensor lane change, information on the audio system, as well as features unique to Jeep, as example Selec -Terrain .

Get ready for the first small SUV designed for extreme conditions. Best in class off-road , unmatched precision driving on way , the first segment of a 9- speed automatic transmission , innovative Jeep ® systems Active Drive , Active Drive Low and Selec -Terrain. Power, control, and 100 % of wild DNA make as ever start to miss an adventure.

Drive systems are available FWD ( front-wheel drive ) and 4WD ( four wheel drive), with a capacity from 110 to 170 hp. saving fuel is ensured by unique in this category rear axle disconnect system that seamlessly switches the drive from two to four wheels only when the drive is necessary 4X4. Range 7 drive systems available in the new Jeep Renegade satisfy all expectations regarding savings and efficiency on the road and in the field. You can choose the innovative MultiAir Turbo petrol engines, power MultiJet II engines with a capacity of 1.6 or 2.0 -liter petrol engine or frugal EtorQ. They combine rugged construction with fuel economy and cooperate with a number of transmissions, from the hand up to the best in class, 9 - speed transmission automatic.

Jeep ® systems Active Drive facility for Selec - Terrain® , which for all road conditions allow the driver to choose the optimum settings of the four or five programs : Auto, Snow, Sand, Mud, and version Trailhawk the rocks . To achieve even better performance in the field, Selec -Terrain system is also equipped with control functions speed Selec - Speed Control and Hill Descent Control Hill - descent Control.

New Jeep Renegade knows no bounds, both in the city and in the field. For those who require exceptional performance in the field, Jeep Renegade Trailhawk provides the best in class, “Checked on the trail “4X4 properties. Avatar “Trail Rated" on the body of the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk recalls that he was designed for off-road challenges. Special attention was paid to the five basic features: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation and suspension wading depth. This means that it will prevail over any terrain.

Renegade Trailhawk moves design and capabilities of the Jeep to a new level. Appearance “Trail Rated" with color accents
Neutral Gray Satin Gloss, skid plates, massive off-road tires, red tow hooks and unique panels front and rear for best in class angles: the invasion of 30 °, 23.5 ° ramp and landing 34 °. But looks are not everything. Trailhawk is equipped with a 9 -speed automatic transmission coupled to the engine MultiJet II power 170 hp; also has the Selec -Terrain system with additional Rocks.

Once you get in the Renegade Trailhawk feel the difference compared to the other models. Interior color “Trailhawk Black” with anodized color additives “Ruby Red” and the stitching of the characteristic signature Trailhawk. In addition, the mat in the middle compartment is decorated with a unique map of the wilderness of Moab.

Driving in the area and the city is the most fun when it is safe. Therefore, the new Jeep Renegade put safety the first place. The result is up to 70 elements improving safety, such as Forward Collision Warning System Plus ( Warning Before Collision with Front ) and Lane Sense Departure Warning - Plus ( Warning Before Leaving Lane ), which are standard equipment on Limited .

Think of any element of improving safety, active or passive. automatic light Traffic monitoring the Dead Fields, ESC (Stability Program) a new generation of parking sensor, rear camera parking sensors, rain, and many other solutions: Renegade is equipped with all systems security available in the most advanced, larger SUVs.

Radar sensors detect the video and Renegade is not close another vehicle or other obstacle too fast and warn or
help the driver to avoid a collision or minimize its effect. The system works in three stages:
- Warning Before The predicted collision: audible and visual, as well as rapid deceleration warn against approaching the the obstacle
- Advanced Adaptive braking if the driver reacts, but inhibits sufficiently strongly, the system enhances braking force to
avoid a collision or minimize its effect
- Minimizing the Impact Collision System: if the driver does not react,
system includes braking to avoid a collision or minimize
its effect

Position the vehicle on the lane is monitored by cameras; if driver inadvertently come close to the borders of the belt, turn signal system visual and audible. In the case of deviation from the lane, the system actively increases the power steering to help the driver maintain the correct track.

These systems continuously monitor the distance to other vehicles. If you something is in the side or rear blind spot, the system switches warning by highlighting symbols in the side mirrors or beep.

Helps to control and helps maintain stable driving in all conditions. If there is a visible difference between the intentions
driver and the track driving, ESC restores the correct trajectory through deceleration and acceleration control.

ERM is an extension of the ESC system - uses the same sensors to predict the potential danger. In this case,
immediately intervenes and helps to restore stability and control of the vehicle.

This active guidance system automatically manages vehicle with ultrasonic sensors that facilitate attachment
parking space.

Reduces trailer sway and improves handling under difficult conditions, such as crosswind or in traffic.
The system monitors the vehicle's movement relative to the intended path, limits the speed, and then adjusts the individual wheels inhibiting rocking caused by the trailer.

Full-size side-curtain, placed in the front seats side airbags for chest protection and advanced multi-stage front airbags work together for better safety.

ParkView rear camera provides good visibility when reversing,
also supports the driver thanks to the Dynamic Line Lines.

You are your Renegade. Starting from the four available versions (Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk)
by choosing the color, accessories and Mopar accessories, you can finally create your own Jeep, unique in every way

About Jeep firm Mopar®.
For model Renegade are over 110 unique accessories, great fit to the style and functionality of the Jeep.
Mopar® products are unique also because it has been developed in collaboration with the same team of engineers,
who designed the vehicle itself.

Accessories improve the appearance of, inter alia, sets of stickers on the hood and sides of the body, black, shiny shields
air intake and side mirrors and special for this model alloy wheels. Accessories improving the functionality, for example, multi-function boot, extremely powerful 16-inch steel wheels. Designed for extreme conditions, as well as elements such as the front cover of the chassis, piping side, front and piping sets of lights roof.

• 16 "steel wheels
• Daytime Running Lamps
• Steel Roof in body color
• Central locking with remote control
• ABS, ESC, Traction Control, ERM and Hill Start Assist
• 6 Airbags
• Active front head restraints
• Electric power steering mechanism
• Electronic parking brake
• The tire pressure monitoring
• Radio 5 "Touch Screen with Bluetooth with four speakers
• Monochrome 3.5 "TFT display in the instrument panel
• Steering wheel buttons to control the Bluetooth
• Power windows
• manual air condition

Equipment Sport version and additionally or alternatively:
• heated exterior mirrors and electrically controlled
• Refl ektory fog
• Leather steering wheel
• Cruise control
• 16 "alloy wheels - tires 3 season 215 / 65R16
• Interior lighting (LED)
• Driver's seat with electric lumbar support 2 ranges
• Painted exterior mirrors
• Roof rails
• Speed limiter
• 6 speakers

Hardware version of Longitude and additionally or alternatively:
• Automatic dual-zone air conditioning
• Rugs front
• 17 "alloy wheels - tires 3 season 215 / 60R17
• Lane Assist (lane departure warning plus)
• rear parking sensors
• collision avoidance system leading (forward collision mitigation)
• The glossy tip of the exhaust system
• 40/20/40 split reclining
• Color 7 "TFT display in the instrument panel
• Adaptive taillights
• Clear satin roof rails

Hardware version of Longitude and additionally or alternatively:
• 17 "alloy wheels off road - mud and snow tires 215 / 65R17
• 40/20/40 split reclining
• Automatic dual-zone air conditioning
• Covers the front suspension
• covers the fuel tank
• Guards distribution box
• Guards gearbox
• rear parking sensors
• Color 7 "TFT display in the instrument panel
• Tinted windows in the rear of the vehicle
• Towing
• Rechargeable LED Flashlight
• Assistant downhill (hill descent control)
• Leather cover jack gear (automatic transmission)
• Adaptive taillights
• Dark satin roof rails

The rest is self-explanatory. Thank you Google Translate.

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Renegade staring price in Poland

Just got off the phone with a Jeep Dealer. Poland market looks like this:
Available for Test ride: from October first week.
Price: Starts from 69000 PLN ~ 16500 Euros (no official communication yet on website or the dealership though)
I just cross checked the price in other European countries looks like Poland is 12-12.5% cheaper.
Still Trail hawk would be expensive for its segment. I am really looking forward to the test drive now.
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