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Jeep Renegade Suspension Construction

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Right so what is it that makes this Jeep a Jeep? Well lets have a look at the suspension components and construction of the new BU Renegade..

  • All suspension brackets and cradles have been designed for high levels of stiffness
  • Front suspension is a MacPherson design that was engineered for exceptional rigidity
  • Front suspension is capable of 6.7 inches (170mm) of articulation.
  • Split shock absorber mounting transmits road vibrations to the structure through dual channels
  • The rear cradle is isolated to slash noise and vibration, also serves as the mounting point for Chapman setup lateral links and half shafts
  • High mounted struts, shocks and coil overs which allows for maximum spring rates.
  • Rear suspension has 8.1 inches (205mm) of articulation
  • First Jeep to make use of a Koni Frequency Selective Damping system in the front struts and rear shocks.

Renegade Trailhawk

Approach angle 30.5°
Breakover angle 25.7°
Departure angle 34.3°
Running clearance 8.7
Water crossing (5 mph) 19”

Renegade AWD

Approach angle 21.0°
Breakover angle 24.0°
Departure angle 32.1°
Running clearance 7.9
Water crossing (5 mph) 0

Renegade FWD

Approach angle 17.9°
Breakover angle 21.2°
Departure angle 29.7°
Running clearance 6.7
Water crossing (5 mph) 0
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LOL.... I've got that in hard copy from the Ontario Auto Show sitting right next to me on my desk. Never thought of looking back inside it. Electronic version is better. I can make it bigger.
Thanks CalTom
that's what usually happens to any printed manual that i have, they always end up collecting dust and i just figure it out, lately i've found that i'm more likely to look at an electric form of a manual, brochure, etc
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the warm welcome! Always glad to be a part of any Jeep community! I need to hunt through my photos a bit more and see if I can find any of the front suspension... The pics I uploaded are all rear shots. I was looking last night and only found a shot of the front skid plate on the trailhawk... If I find any better ones I'll be sure to post them for you all.
Are you part of any other Jeep communities? Whether that be online or off.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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