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I am very curious to see what kind of suspension will be in the Renegade. It might not be a big deal to some but anyone who is buying this because its a Jeep afterall would care.

I understand its meant to be a small city dweller but having a capable suspension is something I still care for.

The 500L is a macpherson front and twist beam axle rear.

Cherokee is also macpherson front. rear is a multi link suspension.

I think the area of concern here is the rear suspension

The 500L is not independent. They are linked by a cross beam... Not that independent is the only way to go.. Wrangler being a good example

But in a small car like this independent rear suspension could be a gift. Really changes the way the car behaves on roads with independent rear.

I do hope the Renegade follows the Cherokee and goes all 4 independent suspension.

Some general disadvantages of a twist beam rear..

  • Basic toe vs lateral force characteristic is oversteer
  • Since toe characteristics may be unsuitable, adding toe-control bushings may be expensive.
  • Camber characteristics are very limited.
  • Not very easy to adjust roll stiffness
  • Welds see a lot of fatigue, may need a lot of development
  • Not much recession compliance - can be poor for impact harshness, and will cause unwelcome toe changes (steer effects)
  • Wheel moves forward as it rises, can also be poor for impact harshness (this can be negated by designing the beam with the mounts higher than the stub axles, which impacts on the floorpan height, and causes more roll oversteer)
  • Need to package room for exhaust and so on past the cross beam
  • Camber compliance may be high
Ride harshness is what I'm worried about apart from the performance disadvantages.. It is a small lightweight car. Wont have that much travel.. Don't want it to be harsh like many of the other small cars.

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The BU Jeep is going to be more cherokee than 500X. Don't worry.

From AN Europe:

the Jeep will have all wheel drive as an option on the entire range (which is normal practice for Jeeps), while Fiat will restrict it to top models. Most expect the standard models to have relatively poor off-road credentials, while a single TrailHawk model will be equipped with skid plates, more suitable tires and wheels, a higher ground clearance, and other ways to give the Laredo née Renegade capabilities similar to the KL Cherokee.
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