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So how does the baby Jeep replacing the other baby Jeep stack up? We'll see, Renegade vs Patriot Interior dimensions!

Front Head Room

Jeep Renegade: 41.1 in
Jeep Patriot: 41.0 in

Front Legroom

Jeep Renegade: 41.2 in
Jeep Patriot: 40.6 in

Front Shoulder Room

Jeep Renegade: 55.9 in
Jeep Patriot: 54.6 in

Rear Head Room

Jeep Renegade: 40.5 in
Jeep Patriot: 39.3 in

Rear Leg Room

Jeep Renegade: 35.1 in
Jeep Patriot: 39.6 in

Rear Shoulder Room

Jeep Renegade: 55.1 in
Jeep Patriot: 54.0 in

Cargo Volume

Jeep Renegade: 18.5 cubic feet
Jeep Patriot: 23.0 cubic feet

Cargo Volume (Seats Folded)

Jeep Renegade: 50.8 cubic feet
Jeep Patriot: 54.2 cubic feet

So what do you think about those dimensions? Would you rather have the extra cargo capacity of the Patriot or are you more in favor of the Renegades roomier cabin for passengers?
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