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I'm new to this forum, just wondering if anyone can help me?
Purchased a Jeep few days ago, but I have received this with it…does anyone know what it is or what it is for?
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You're in the UK. I assume this was a brand-new 2022 Renegade?

I think it's an android auto wireless box. It connects your smartphone to the entertainment system I think.
Maybe, but I'm not so sure. Why would you need a USB adapter to do that? Maybe if your cell phone doesn't have Bluetooth capability...? :unsure:

With my 2021 U.S.-version Trailhawk, my cell phone connects directly to the Uconnect 4C Nav system by Bluetooth. I never use it that way, but that's the capability...

Anything in your Owner's Manual? Can you call you dealer and ask?
I think the usb is to power the box. It allows you to access your phone apps using the main screen I think. You can watch you tube videos while driving at high speed down the motorway
And as I'm sure you agree... That would be a good idea, how?

This would be something a dealer provides? :rolleyes:

I mean freeway.
:D Or Interstate, depending on the context...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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