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For all you new Renegade fans out there, we've created the "don't miss" summer event - Renegade Rally 2015!

This inaugural Renegade Rally will take place over 4 days this summer in Silverton, Colorado. The exact dates will be set soon.

I invite you to visit our recently launched website dedicated specifically to this rally event. We've already filled it with plenty of tantalizing trail pics from our previous expeditions to the area. Soon, we'll be filling in all the details, providing background information on the area, relating detailed trail information, and inviting enthusiasts into our informal registration process.

Here are a few more details copied from our "News" page that will keep you informed to all the latest information on the Rally.

The inaugural Renegade Rally will take place in the mountains in an around Silverton, Colorado. This corner of the San Juan mountains offers challenging trails that won't break your new Renegade but still provide plenty of excitement and jaw-dropping scenery in all directions. Enjoy some of the most rugged high-alpine terrain in the lower 48, summer wildflowers in mountain meadows, plenty of curious old mining sites and more.

In order for the organizers to properly respond to all inquiries as well as to enable sharing with the entire community of interested enthusiasts, please use the contact form located on the site or post relevant comments to our "News" blog. Follow us on twitter for the latest updates. @RenegadeRally and pass it along with #RenegadeRally2015

See you in Silverton!


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