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Just bought a 2015 Renegade off Carvana. What are the first things I should do for maintenance/upkeep?

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Hey all! I'm a new Jeep owner. I've just purchased a 2015 Latitude 4x4 Renegade with 63k miles on it. I was informed by Carvana that it's had an oil change within the last few months (didn't show up on the Carfax, but they said it probably got done during their reconditioning.). I am not trusting a "maybe", so I'm getting its oil changed this weekend. Other than that, what should I be doing with the Jeep to make sure it's road-ready?

On another note, what maintenance do you recommend for making this Jeep last many, many more miles? I plan on changing oil every 5k miles, but other than that I'm not sure what I should be doing besides keeping it clean and looking pretty. Do you use any special engine fluids? Should I use Premium gas? Run it for 10 minutes before I go for a drive?

I'd love to hear suggestions and feedback!
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Oy. The 1.4L you have does not have direct injection. It has regular multiport fuel injection. Engine has best economy and performance with premium octane I use Tier 1 gas. If you can’t use that regularly, drop a bottle of Techron twice a year in the tank.

Personally, I live in Ohio’s north coast. I drive 50 miles each way on an expressway on cruise control. I use premium ($1 more per gallon) 6 months over summer, but in the cold, back to regular.

Any dealer can get you a service/complaint history and redact any previous owner details. If your state uses salt, highly recommend an oil spray underneath.

Good luck.
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