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Up to this point, the longest trip in the Renny was about 836 miles. Just got back from a 2406 mile trip from Northern, IL to the coast of Rhode Island and back. Went out for the Wife's 30th reunion and to do some sight seeing on the New England coast.

The Renegade was absolutely flawless and performed as we'd hoped and even better. The first 300+ miles we averaged 32.5MPG (4x4 Latitude). This was IL, IN & OH. Once we reached PA, the terrain was hilly & mountainous at times. We still got 31+MPG all the way to Rhode Island. The trip back, we hauled butt at 75+MPH almost the entire way and still did very well. Ended up at 31MPG even for the entire trip. A bigger tank would be nice, but a 400 mile range on long trips isn't bad.

I really appreciated the 9spd transmission on this long trip. It functioned great and with all the hills, mountains, etc.. it has very little problem keeping the speed control steady. It is much nicer than a 3-4spd kicking down hard in a steep ascent. Subtle gear changes at the right time. These little buggers have no problem pulling themselves along. If I have one gripe, it would be lumbar support. I use a tiny pillow at the small of my back and it's OK. Not too worried as 2406 mile trips will be pretty rare.

We had thought about trading the Latitude early on for a Trailhawk, but with this Jeep being flawless thus far, we don't want to chance it! Here's hoping for a quarter million miles with little fanfare. :)
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