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Just reached 1000 miles on my Renegade driving home from work today. I found this site last night and joined to see what others are doing to their Renegades.

My story: I wanted a new Tundra but my hubby wanted me to get a Jeep so I looked at them and test drove one. I put the Tundra on hold and bought a Renegade to make him happy but I have grown to like "Big Blue" (my dad is a UK grad so that's why I joke about calling her Big Blue). I really wanted the Trailhawk but no one had one in my area so I got a Latitude in Sierra blue. It will be completely redone by my husband who has his own business where he sprays, does custom body work, and maintenance on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Not saying what we are doing but it will not look the same, lol. I am a photographer so each stage will be documented and she will have a final photo shoot to release all that was done. Since my husband has his own business he is custom making a lot of parts or having his dealer contacts make us custom parts that have not yet been made. So excited!!!! She will be done before the end of the year.

FYI, anyone in the Atlanta area and need a great Jeep place. Go see Doug at Hayes in Lawrenceville. He is amazing and tell him the Blue Renegade sent ya.

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