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Key fob/remote start

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Ok, this may seem like a rant but if anyone has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I bought my Renegade back on 7/3. It was late and the dealer said to come back in the morning for the second remote and final paperwork. After experiencing the lock/unlock issue in which I had to call roadside assistance, I called the dealer. This was on 7/6 because no one called me back the following morning. So now he cant find the key. No big deal right. Just order a key and have it programmed. Other issue was as part of my deal, a remote start was to be installed. I wanted the items fixed/installed at the same time so I would only have to make one trip. Now starts the dealer stall tactics. No call backs, key is not in, etc. Finally on 8/5, nearly a month later and numerous calls/emails/texts, they tell me to bring the car in. It is now 8/17 and my car is still there. All they did were fix some scratches on the car in this time. They can't get the second remote to program, and now have ordered another due in in the 20th. On the 5th I overheard the service guy say "they don't make remote starts for these yet" which is true after talking to FCA. But there are many aftermarkets like Viper that do. I could've had one installed by now. I am so livid at this point! I spoke to the GM tonite who said if this remote doesn't work then they would contact FCA. Why wouldn't they have done that already? And they are giving me a check to get the remote start installed. All this time paying for a car I don't have.

Anyway, I thought I saw a post a while back regarding getting a Renegade remote programmed, but cant seem to find it.
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For what it's worth, I took my Trialhawk home June 30th and it had factory-installed remote start.
So if you have remote start do you get a 2nd remote or key when you buy the car? Just wondering if I should get that when my car comes in since I ordered the remote start.
when you get your Jeep at the dealer, you should leave with 2 key fobs.
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What @jrjeep said. And each fob will control the lock/unlock, panic alarm and remote start.
I had my panic go off one time when I was stepping into the car carrying my bag, it squeezed against the fob in my pocket. I've never had that happen before, but this is my first keyless car.
I've set mine off a couple of times by bending over with the fob in my pocket.
Our Renegade (purchased in late July) has the factory-installed remote start package. We received two key fobs from the dealer. No problems so far.
Do both of your Key Fobs have the silver Emergency Key insert ?
I can't speak for @Bird, but both of ours have the key insert.
Do both of your Key Fobs have the silver Emergency Key insert ?
Both of our fob have it.
Same here with Mrsig
Thanks for the input y'all I am checking up on mine and why it was not there.
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