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I don't have the keyless, but I found this:
NOTE: If “Unlock All Doors 1st Press” is programmed, all doors will unlock when you grab hold of the front driver’s door handle. To select between “Unlock Driver Door 1st Press” and “Unlock All Doors 1st Press,” refer to “Uconnect® SETTINGS” in “Multimedia” for further information.
To Unlock From The Passenger Side
With a valid Passive Entry RKE transmitter within 5 ft (1.5 m) of the passenger door handle, grab the front passenger door handle to unlock all four doors and the liftgate automatically.

NOTE: All doors will unlock when the front passenger door handle is grabbed regardless of the driver’s door unlock preference setting (“Unlock Driver Door 1st Press” or “Unlock All Doors 1st Press”).
I never thought of this being an option. My wife and daughter always complain about me just unlocking the drivers door when using the passive entry. I never carry the key fob in my hand, it is always buried in a bag/jeans etc.
Thanks guys.
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