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Great leaflet, even if I can`t understand one word in it, it helped me sell the Renegade to my wife as one possible replacement (in 2015) for the Patriot we have now

This is indeed the most stylish jeep to date in terms of product design or marketing and this is a great thing for the market of today no matter how the old school jeep trucks purists will say...

I have to admit that the only trim that I like in terms of design (and that I need) is the Trailhawk. However, the hooks gave it a nice addition for the look and too bad it was removed for some European markets...

Yet again, I cross my fingers for the reliability of this thing... I hope it won`t be the last Jeep I will get if it happened to be low grade in terms of parts and assembly like my Patriot now... Or if it will give me all sort of headaches in the transmission or electronics or or or...

I hope not because this is exactly what I need and that I can afford
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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