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Hi, I just bought a Renegade three days ago, I just start to replace the lights for Leds, is no easy, I start with the plate bulbs, I try with two Leds t10 canbus models that I have and both dont work, you can see the Leds on very dim, so I pass, I order 4 new models to try it and see if they work, for the cargo area canbus is not need it, for the roof in the rear seat area canbus is need it, here I install those that dont work in the plate area and work perfect ?

I dont replace yet the map lights in the front, I am waiting for the new ones that I just order.

I replace too the corner light for a pair of yellow t10, canbus no need but they have to be shorts, no longer than the original bulb.

I replace the headlights for Leds too, is rare that the car accept my Leds bulbs that I think was no canbus. ?

I replace too the foglamps for HID with canbus balast to avoid any error signal.

I try to replace the DRL light with some 1157 that I have, but... This circuit is not easy either, the 1157 bulbs is a double filament bulb, 5 watts and 21 watts, the funny here is that the connector just have two wires ? So, the computer control the brighnest of the bulbs, like full bright for the DRL with the lights off or in the day and dim when the lights are on, I have to do some test with various resistors.

For the turn signal a 1056 or bau15s is need it, I am not sure if a canbus Led light will work here, I think that I have to install a exterior resistor to avoid hiper fast flashing.

Reverse lights is T15 I order some to test.

Break and parking lights, this is good, 1056 or bau15s is used to both brighnest levels like the DRL and parking in the front, I just order some red Leds no canbus and them start playing with some resistors.

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