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Let's design a Trailhawk front bumper

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Hey all, I just bought a jet set blue 2018 Trailhawk on Memorial day weekend. :ReneBlueWave:
Since I just made my first payment, I figured it was time to do some mods. ;)
I already added a roof rack and rails so far.

I want to design a front bumper or bumper guard for the Renegade. I'm starting this thread to put some ideas down and get some ideas from you guys.

Here's my requirements so far:
1. I don't want to change the body or lines of the car i.e. I'm leaving the bumper on and adding to the outside.
2. It needs to provide protection underneath for off roading
3. It can't hinder ground clearance - since it's new i wont be lifting this thing for awhile. I need all the ground clearance I can get
4. Provide some degree of front end protection
5. Not be overly bulky or heavy - I won't be adding a winch to this one

That's it for now..More to come later
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how much does it weigh. I do like the avid bumper, but it kind of cries out for the rear one as well, and at that point how much weight have I slapped on the renegade?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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