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I've had my limited for four days now

Hi. I tested a Latitude, Trailhawk, and Limited last week before deciding on the Limited. The Trailhawk was a stiffer ride and 4x4. The others were fwd and I opted for the Limited. Honestly, this was the first dealership (Mall of Georgia CDJ) that has more than one or two Renegades. It was the first one with both a Trailhawk and Limited available. They are offering $3000 off their Renegades in stock until 04/30/15.

For most of my driving, I don't need four wheel drive and the additional weight of the Trailhawk lowers acceleration and mpg. The Limited and Trailhawk were similarly priced; however, the Limited had more optional equipment. It has a nicer interior with power leather(ette) seating. The Trailhawk's interior had more bright accents. The heated seats and heated steering wheel will be nice on cold days. I think the upgraded stereo and navigation unit were also worth the additional cost.

My first drive was through Atlanta and acceleration was adequate. I drove home to Savannah the next day and the Renegade was comfortable. I've had a number of small SUVs (Mazda Tribute, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Element, and a few Wranglers) and the Renegade is much more entertaining to drive.
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