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I'm happy to introduce you to my cute little Solar Yellow 2017 Renegade Latitude!

Her name is Nelly and I brought her home from the showroom floor on February 16, 2018.
She was the main attraction ... and she knew it! haha

Immediately, I wanted her
. But I went home without her that day.
As a disabled 73-yr-old woman, it didn't seem appropriate to have a bright yellow car when I feel* so poorly.

The next morning, I realized that a bright yellow car would actually make me feel better!

Now, when I drive Nelly I feel happy! She's so ... so cute ... and ... so ... so yellow!

Those times when I'm unable* to drive, just looking at Nelly makes me smile!
*Due to my long-term chronic illness, I'm often in pain or feeling uncomfortable.

I'm so grateful to JEEP for making such great vehicles, and to God for enabling me to have one.

Here's a sweet addendum:
When I brought Nelly home, a close friend and a close neighbor gushed their admiration for her!
They each told me they'd always wanted to have a YELLOW car!

I thought they were simply admiring my new car; but within a few weeks, a bright yellow mini-SUV sat across the street - in that neighbor's carport!

Curious, I flagged her down as she was backing out.
Rolling down the window, leaned toward me and said, "See? I told you I always wanted a yellow car!"

And that's the way it happened.

The end.

Lindy in Sarasota馃尫

Nelly only gets 19.5 mpg.
Her odometer logs 1,078 miles.
She's almost 5 years old. (See? I truly don't get out much.)
She's supposed to get 22 mpg in town, which is the only place she's ever been.

Your opinion? (... if you read this far! :))
* Do you think something's wrong with her?
* Do you think it's because I don't drive very much?

Thanks either way ...

'15 Trailhawk JBCT Omaha Orange
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It's awesome how your yellow Jeep makes you so happy. I know my Omaha Orange Trailhawk make me feel pretty snazzy.

How are you measuring your mileage? The onboard mileage indicator, an app or manually? I find that the onboard mileage calculation is off. It might say I get 22, when I'm getting 24-27. It's worse in the city. And I drive slowly like an Oregonian. I recommend a fill up, write your current mileage down and take a quick trip, AT LEAST 50 miles, but you really wanna get some miles. Fill her back up, write down the mileage and amount of gas and see what your mileage is. So: Miles driven on trip / gallons of gas used = actual mileage

Based on 1078 miles ~20mpg, you've gone to the gas station ~5 times in 5 years? Assuming you fill her up each time. It could be that your humid weather is causing your gas to go bad. If you are ever up to it, you might consider monthly short "road trips." 100 miles or so. Just to turn over the gas more frequently.

If you still get poor mileage after fresh gas and a road tripe, then call on your dealer.
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