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Long distance?

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just wondering has anyone taken a long road trip in there Renegade yet? I am going to Michigan Wednesday 5:45amish coming from Pennsylvania. 3 of my friends are coming with me, camping for 4 days at a Music Fest. Bangalter, going to have a small tow platform loaded down inside and on the roof rack. Planing to put the canopy, 2 coolers, umbrella, and the rug on the hitch. Tent, pillows, blankets, chairs, and the hammock. The one cooler inside and all clothes and stuff inside. I'm thinking my weight is going to be close to that 2000lbs (towing but loaded now not really towing). Hoping he doesn't struggle to bad. What do you guys think? I'll up load pictures when he's all loaded up!
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Excited to see Pics & hear how your Rene does on the trip!
Get er done! Just don't forget to balance the trailer and all will be smooth. I towed a 1800 lb. trailer from Detroit to Kansas with my MINI! No problems! :eek:

The Rene won't have any trouble with that weight.
SirCraigory, add me on Facebook! I was the one on instagram talking to you about doing a shoot when you get into michigan.

I used to live in the Muskegon area (which you'll be passing through), Now i live in Grand Rapids, mi which you will also most likely be passing through.
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