2022 Renegade Trailhawk

Long story short, I purchased and installed the GFB Diverter+. When disassembling the old Exhaust Valve Kit the OEM plastic plunger/piston was damaged.
I plan on keeping the Diverter+ on it, however I'm dumb and I need to take my Renegade in for maintenance. So I need to swap it out so it's "stock". Looking to buy an intact plunger/piston from someone who has done this upgrade too and has no use for it or the whole part.
I've been checking eBay, every stupid site I can think of, even junkyards. Haven't been able to find a decent priced one.

Included pictures, it is illustration #2 in both the exploded version and cropped version.

P.S. The name of the part is just stupid.