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So tired of reading all the negatives on here, love the tech stuff, but man

So here is a positive, I now have 985 miles on my 2015 late model Renegade Latitude 2.4L 9 Speed Auto with almost every option 4x2.

Transmission - shifts smooth and never have an issue with it at all. Finds correct gear no matter what I do, of course I am a much smoother even paced pilot than any one else I ride with. Not always gunning it and abusing it.

Ride - Solid Quiet and much nicer than I expected. Recently had 4 people and tons of stuff in the cargo area, expected to feel the extra weight, nope, same ride , in fact even better and same power feeling and same mpg.

Looks - still like the quirky short but tall Jeep look, especially from the back and sides.

9 Speaker 500 watt Factory Stereo, mine sounds fantasic, I don't need ear breaking bass, I like bass and its 6.5 inch sub sounds great. Easy to balance and most music I listen to sounds really good. Been in some other rides, and there stereos, sound eh, ok , but not as good as mine.

Flexibility with more than 2 people and 2 dogs, Have the 40 / 20 / 40 rear seat, could not ask for more, the the rear passengers like the 20 section down for armrest and drinks.

Finally MPG, even with 4 adults and none of us hurting for food, we are averaging this last 7 days just over 27 mixed mostly city driving.

Just really happy with the little guy

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