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Let me just first start off by saying I am an idiot. I left the sunroof open Thursday night in my jeep and it down poured for a few hours. I got in Saturday morning to that surprise, it was pretty wet -- however not as wet as i expected. Cup holders were full, passenger side and rear passenger side were very wet in the carpets.

So I take it to vacuum out the carpets and clean it the best I can. Everything seemed to be working fine, the AC was blowing hot air no matter what until I was able to suck some of the water out that must have gotten into the console or water from humidity.

So I took it back home later that afternoon thinking I was good, no harm no lucky. Well I go back out tonight, and the AC unit will not work, at first the electric for the AC unit would not turn on...then it completly just would not work. Everything else is working, dash,headlights, radio touch screen, ect.

So.... I go to turn off the jeep, right before I do... the check engine light comes on. Nothing seems to be wrong besides the AC, I did just get gas... but their is no cap....

Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I am supposed to drive to Orlando in the AM. Any help. Any ideas. Its only a month old jeep, I do not have extra money really for any crazy expenses....Will my AC start working again after it drys out? It was working fine this morning after I wetvac'ed
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