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... of sales, ok, ONE Million sales and on track for just that!

Sergio said not so long ago that he had a lofty target for Jeep, One Million total sales in 2014. Analysts and industry folks alike said it was unlikely, obviously they don't know Sergio.

Through September Jeep has moved themselves a stout 747,000 vehicles, already passing 2013's record setting 731,565 units sold. This makes for Jeeps 5th consecutive year of volume growth.

Said Jim Morrison:

"It's been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun to go and try and get that goal...We're on track and we need to keep the momentum for the balance of the year in order to obtain the 1 million goal."
If they were to make the one million nut, it would show a 37% increase in YoY volume for Jeep.

More from Morrison:

"The biggest part, and what we're proudest of ... is that every Jeep is up...We're not taking all of our customer base and rejuvenating them; we're bringing new customers to the brand and every Jeep is continuing to grow."
Now its easy to question just where this growth is coming from, its not exactly difficult to goose volume with profit bleeding incentives. But that is exactly what Jeep is NOT doing. TrueCar says that Jeep is averaging $2,113 in incentives per sale, which is actually below the industry average of $2,768.

With the Renegade hitting Euro showrooms just last week, look for that Millionth sale milestone to topple shortly...
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