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Manual VS Automatic transmissions

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My new orange Renegade Latitude has a 1.4 6-speed manual trans. I admit it is slightly under-powered. My wife now wants one but in yellow, with an automatic trans. I understand the 9-speed automatic is a beast and causing quite a few problems with software and sometimes total transmission replacements. I am trying to talk her in to the manual transmission but she is being stubborn although she knows how to drive a stick. Any opinions out there? Automatic issues etc ?? Thanks :)
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MJAB, thanks for the detailed info. I had no clue about any of that.

All that being said, would it be possible that folks who don't engage 4WD often (or at all) via the drive-mode dial would be less susceptible to failure?

For example; I haven't used the drive-mode dial at all yet, on my Renny-Lat. The non-pavement driving I've done so far has only included some gravel and dirt roads, some campsite paths with minimal levels of "off road worthiness", and some dirt/mud paths with minimal whoop-de-dos. Leaving my Renny-Lat in "Auto" mode has allowed me to traverse these with no problem what-so-ever, so I've not even reached for the drive-mode dial yet.

I've also been wondering lately if we'd be able to find some type of pattern with the failing units versus the non-failing (or haven't failed yet?) units by comparing not only manufactured-date but also the build-plant.

There's another thread here on the forums - Build date and any build quality issue - maybe we can get folks to post information other than the build-date.

When I posted to that thread, I posted as-such:

Date of MFR: 02/2015
MFD BY FCA Italy S.p.A
Trim level: Latitude 4x4
VIN last-five: 47680
Purchased: 06/20/2015

Just a thought. Think I'm going to post to that thread again, and ask if folks could start including that type of detail.

Every day I get into my Jeep, and I'm about 98% thrilled to be back behind the wheel (because I love my Renny so far), and about 2% nervous about "will this be the day I see my first problem".

Sad, I know, LOL - :)
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