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Manual VS Automatic transmissions

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My new orange Renegade Latitude has a 1.4 6-speed manual trans. I admit it is slightly under-powered. My wife now wants one but in yellow, with an automatic trans. I understand the 9-speed automatic is a beast and causing quite a few problems with software and sometimes total transmission replacements. I am trying to talk her in to the manual transmission but she is being stubborn although she knows how to drive a stick. Any opinions out there? Automatic issues etc ?? Thanks :)
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The 9 spped automatic different behavior is also because the way it is designed, it uses "traditional" friction clutches but also dog clutches.
An interesting article -> ZF’s 9-Speed 9HP Transmission Puts Dog Clutches On The Leash

The AWD system is sourced by GKN, and it is a new product (that will be used by other manufacturers). It is manufactured by GKN in Spain.
Here GKN news (the product was codeveloped with FCA and the control software is customized for Jeep Renegade and for Fiat 500X).
GKN and FCA worked together few years ago also for Fiat Panda 4x4, that uses a system that is conceptually similar, but more basic.
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